Clapton Festival – Update and an Event at Clapton Pond

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Preparations for the Clapton Festival (Our All Inclusive Right Royal East End Hullaballoo!!), on June 15, 16 & 17 are proceeding with momentum and an initial programme will be posted on-line within the next few days. An exciting line up of events currently include a launch party at Chats Palace; a reggae sound-blast concert, a community meal, a business networking meeting and a talk on Hackney’s dissenting academies, all at different times at the Round Chapel; a classical concert at Sutton House; theatre in St John’s Church and a food & craft market in its grounds; a heritage walk through parts of Clapton; a demonstration of flint knapping, as well as other activities at the old school house along the Lea Bridge Road, and a soundstage at Clapton Square with a variety of artists.

 If anyone still has an idea for an event they would like to put on, or wants to get involved in any way, be that in terms of organising before the Festival or volunteering on the day, please contact .


Now to the Festival’s event at Clapton Pond! A couple of local residents have stepped forward to organise, in partnership with some local businesses, and anyone else who may want to get involved, a family oriented event from 11am-4pm on Saturday, 16th June. This so far is intended to include a community youth steel band, food, some children’s activities, with more to be added, from the imaginations of our creative community, as a team comes together.

 There are various resources that are looking to be found and if anyone can help with any of the following, please contact me ASAP, at and I will put you in touch with the organisers. Also, contact me if you are interested in being involved in any way – helping with the planning and organising or just on the day – and I will put you in touch.

 The required items, some to be borrowed, and the last three to be donated, are as follows:

 –          A van and driver to ferry the steel band’s instruments to the venue on the Saturday morning and back to Stoke Newington at the end of the day. I am told that a V2 size van would be adequate.

 –          One or more Gazebos

 –          A Hook-a-duck game

 –          A paddling pool

 –          Kids prizes for hook a duck ( sweets/ toys)

 –          Face paints

 –          300 Balloons and string

 Please do share this link with your communities.

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