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photo by The Green in Between

Thank you to The Green in Between for featuring this beautiful photo of Clapton Pond on their Facebook Page as your feature photo this month! As Dave Rindl wrote on the FB page – “As a local resident and knowing the hard work that’s gone into regenerating the site, nice to know it’s being noticed over a larger area.”

Someone else described it as “deliciously refreshing” and the Green in Between responded: “I think that’s why it seemed to jump out as a good picture for this hot sun. It is exactly that, deliciously refreshing! I’m afraid it’s very old, so the very tempting idea of paddling in it is probably strictly forbidden! There’s been a pond on this site since the 1600s and very pretty it is too.”

Someone else thought it looked like the tropics! And the response from The Green was: “The tropics? I’m sure Hackney residents will be delighted to hear that. With this gorgeous weather, perhaps it has some similarities! Clapton Pond really is very pretty.”

Yay, the message is getting about our lovely Pond!

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  1. Hi does anyone know what’s happening at Bishop Wood Alms Houses? They were boarded up last week and I was told that all tenants had moved out. I haven’t seen any planning notices etc.

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