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Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group (CPNAG)

Annual General Meeting 2013

It’s your neighbourhood, be part of its ongoing development!

When: Monday, 18 February, 2013 7 – 9.30pm

Where: St John Ambulance Hall, Mildenhall Road, E5

History (This is the great stuff we’ve done!)

Formed over 10 years ago to improve the Clapton Pond, its park, and the surrounding area. Today, we continue this work, via campaigning, building partnerships with the council and within the local community, and also via practical work and organising events.

In recent years, amongst other activities, we have set up the Clapton Conference, been involved in running the Clapton Festival in 2011 & 2012, supported the Community First funding initiative,  and are now involved in the development of some Neighbourhood Forums in the area.

People (This is how it’s happened!)

It’s all come about over the years through the efforts of a relatively small band of regular volunteers, expanding to larger numbers during events, campaigns and projects.

Satisfaction, Community, Passion, Fun ++++ (This is why we do it!)

We all have our own reasons for being involved, and we all benefit in different ways.

From a passion for preserving architectural heritage, to an interest in green spaces, to a love of getting people together, and the list goes on. We don’t always agree with each other and we sometimes wonder why we do this. Committee meetings are social affairs and enduring friendships have developed.

Why come to the AGM? (These are some reasons we’ve come up with. feel free to invent your own!)

If you are interested in the area and might want to be involved in some way in creating its future, we’d love to meet you. CPNAG has an important part to play in the continuing development of this neighbourhood, and every individual has something unique to contribute.

Come along for a review of the past year’s activities, to meet the outgoing committee and other people, to discuss plans for the coming year, to explore visions for the neighbourhood, and the wider area of Clapton, and to vote on the new committee. We’d love fresh ideas and energy (or that of returning people) and it’d be great to chat about how you might want to be involved, and how you’d want to benefit.

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