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As many of you will know, the Tram Depot, just north of the Leabridge Roundabout, in Upper Clapton Road, has been the subject of controversy as it got taken over by developers who sought to demolish most of it, evict the artistic community based there and build some very small flats.  CPNAG supported the community fight to keep the depot and the artists, a struggle which went to a packed and noisy meeting of the council’s planning committee who agreed the then developer’s plans.

The community of artists has now gone and there is now a new owner.

The consortium who recently acquired the site (and who operate under the name of Upper Clapton Ltd) are employing Voist – – to undertake a consultation exercise. The following is a notice, from Voist, regarding this consultation with all the opportunities for us all to participate.

The Tram Depot Yard
The Tram Depot Yard
A studio in the Tram Depot prior to eviction of the residents
A studio in the Tram Depot prior to eviction of the residents



We feel it is important that local residents do attend the event at the Round Chapel on 30/31 July to view the development proposals on display and give their views to the architects. The Tram Depot is designated a Priority Employment Area by Hackney Council and many feel it would be an ideal hub for creative and digital small businesses for example. It is also locally listed to reflect its historical significance as a rare survivor of the horse tram era.

Included below the consultation announcement are a photo of the yard around which the Tram Depot is built, and also of one of the artists’ studios; an example of the type of accommodation that the Tram Depot  provided for the last quarter of a century to young artists and craftspeople.

Please note that we at CPNAG are not involved in the organisation of this consultation. So, please direct all questions and comments directly to Mapify.


Be part of shaping Clapton’s future and come to the Mapify Upper Clapton Hackshop!

Mapify Upper Clapton is carrying out the public consultation for the new development plans at 38-40 Upper Clapton Road, next to Lea Bridge Roundabout.

The new proposals include commercial spaces, potential market stalls, public green spaces and the retention of the main Tram Depot building.

The main aim of the Mapify Upper Clapton project is to give the local community a chance to be part of the discussion. How could these new spaces be used and who will use them? Your contributions could shape aspects of the design to suit your community’s needs.

Have your say:

The consultation period will run between Wednesday 30th July – Wednesday 6th August, don’t miss your chance to get involved.

In Person

We are holding an exhibition where the designs will be on display and you can have the chance to talk to the architects and us about the proposal.

We also want to know what you love about Clapton and what your concerns are for the area so we can get a better idea of how this and other new developments might best serve the community.

The exhibition will be held on:

30th – 31st July 2pm – 8pm

The Round Chapel for the Performing Arts, Powerscroft Road, Hackney, E5 0PU Please come along!


You can view and comment on the development plans at The website will give an understanding of the new development plans for the site, show the changes that have been made to the new scheme and collect your feedback on the proposal.

Visit the website now and sign up to receive an email when the comments are open.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Mapify Team

Keep up to date with the consultation by searching #LoveClapton on twitter.


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