BCitizens and the City Safe Campaign – we get introduced at the Clapton Conference

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This Friday, 11th October, a City Safe Walk is taking place. This will involve B6 students signing up shopkeepers to the initiative which will help provide protection for young people fearing attack, by designating their shop as a place of shelterpeople who live and work locally are welcome to join the walks.

There will be three time slots: 3pm-4pm, 4pm-5pm and 5pm-6pm.

The walks will start from the entrance to BSix. Local councillors and GLA Member, Jennette Arnold, will be present.

Monday, September 30, saw the Clapton Conference take place, kindly hosted by BSix College. Some old faces and some new, gathered to get to know each other, share their visions for the area, explore possible actions to build onĀ  what is already happening in the area, and to listen to Rhasan Brunner talk about BSix’s City Safe Campaign.

Rhasan Brunner is a student at BSix College a champion of the BCitizens and has recently joined the Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group Committee (Welcome Rhasan). Along with other students, they are setting up the City Safe Campaign, an initiative develop a City Safe zone in Lower Clapton. Rhasan talked and answered questions and we watched the video in the accompanying link (http://bsix.ac.uk/bseven/volunteering.htm). This says more, more effectively, than can be written here.

Clapton is very fortunate to have an establishment such as BSix College (http://www.bsix.ac.uk/) on our doorstep. Principal Ken Warman and his quite remarkable staff and students are creating a quite inspiring learning environment (adult education is now also available) and, rightly so, the college receives many awards for its leadership in the field.

One initiative is called BSeven. This is an extended college where students are encouraged to engage in a wide variety of activities to further their education, beyond the curriculum that they are following. Part of this that has recently been set up is the BCitizen Programme, in partnership with London Citizens, and it is from this that their City Safe Campaign has been developed. (http://www.citizensuk.org/campaigns/citysafe-campaign/).

We look forward to seeing you all at the next Clapton Conference.





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