A Few Amendments to Recent Posts

Subscribers to this web-site have received three e-mail updates in the last week that we would like to address, and apologise for any confusion caused.

1. On April 10th (the e-mail will have arrived on April 11th) a post was made entitled “A few moments of your time!!!” For reasons we have not yet been able to work out, the same message was repeated, in slightly different formats, three times within the e-mail. This was not intentional and reading the message just the once is all that is required.

2. On the morning of 15th April, an e-mail was generated by the system with two posts from December 2018, advertising ‘Carols by the Pond’. The people who manage the back end of our web-site are at a loss to explain this and we are hoping it is just a glitch – we will keep a sharp eye out for any repeat incidents and will address this accordingly if the incident repeats.

3. Also, on April 15th, we posted about the news of the death of Rabbi Avrahom Pinter. The post was a long statement we were reposting and the e-mail, and the post, neglected to say who had made this statement. We did subsequently update the post, but too late for those details to be included in the e-mail. The statement was by Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney, and the statement in full can be read here as well.

Once again, many apologies for any confusion any of this may have caused.

We wish you all, and your families, friends, and all you communities, good health and safety, particularly during these unusual times.

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