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Ian Rathbone writes: There’s been some activity today (Monday 1 Oct) on various trees at the pond. I attended a meeting at the Pond with Paul Roberts, Arboricultural Office for Hackney Council. After the recent failure of a mature Willow in the south part of the Pond area, a site visit was carried out to undertake a visual tree assessment of the gardens. On completion of this inspection a number of health and safety based tree works have been identified.

The works mainly consist of deadwood removal, crown lifts and pruning back to remove obstructions from the highway. However there are two trees that require more significant works.

A weeping willow located within the south garden near Lower Clapton Road. This tree is going to be reduced to an approximate height of 5 metres, to allow the tree to naturally shoot back and then be regularly managed.  The reason for this work is due to a very large amount of decay through the trunk which will ultimately lead to its complete failure, unless works are carried out to prevent this.

A small leafed lime located within the north garden, just by the bus stop. This tree is to be felled to ground level and the stump ground out. The reason for this work is due to a cavity and large pocket of decay at the base of the tree. Unlike the willow the amount of decay at the base of the tree has left little sound timber and leans towards the road by the bus stop and as such cannot be retained. A replacement lime will be planted.

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  1. The large mature willows are such a key feature of the Pond area that when they eventually die it will change the whole character of the Pond. Might it be an idea to plant a couple of willows somewhere now in anticipation of the death of the matures – hopefully many years off?

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