Update on The former White Hart Hotel

 The last news that was provided on this web-site regarding the former White Hart Hotel was back on 16 March 2011, when details of the licence application for the premises (being restored as The Clapton Hart) were discussed on here.

The pub licence has all been resolved, and the pub is due to open this Thursday, May 10th, with the opening of the kitchen and garden due to follow in the near future.

A planning application, to build a two-storey rear extension at first and second floor levels at the back to create 13 hotel rooms, has been rejected. The reasoning was as follows:

“.. its size, bulk and position, would result in an incompatible and obtrusive form of development, which would be dominant and not be subservient to the host building, and would adversely affect the character and appearance of the building and area generally.”

Whilst positive discussions were previously held with Antic (the owners) regarding the first floor being developed into a space usable for community events as well as purely commercial uses, from this it seems that plans are now for a different form for that space – admittedly, a potentially more profitable option. We will keep you informed as matters progress.



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