Bishops Wood Almshouses

We have been in discussion with the Trust of Bishop Wood Almshouse concerning its future. They told us informally a short while ago:

Please rest assured that we have no plans to demolish Bishop Wood! They are listed buildings, and so no one can just demolish them. The Trustees are ascertaining the right way forward for the best use of Bishop Wood. Before we can do this, we are getting the residents settled into the new Almshouses that we have just completed, and then seeing what the needs and funding opportunities might be. This process will take some time, as it needs to be right, so there is likely to be no action at Bishop Wood for the immediate future.

Clapton Festival – Update and an Event at Clapton Pond

Preparations for the Clapton Festival (Our All Inclusive Right Royal East End Hullaballoo!!), on June 15, 16 & 17 are proceeding with momentum and an initial programme will be posted on-line within the next few days. An exciting line up of events currently include a launch party at Chats Palace; a reggae sound-blast concert, a community meal, a business networking...