East London Waterworks Park

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A lovely photo of the Engineer’s House and a double rainbow on the edge of the East London Waterworks Park site, at River Lea by the Lea Bridge, taken by the wonderful Jonathan Perugia

The crowdfunder for the East London Waterworks Park is doing brilliantly, but still has a way to go. They need to receive pledges totalling at least £500,000 by 9pm on 28 October or won’t receive anything. Abigail Woodman, chair of the project says,

“We went for an all-or-nothing crowdfunder because data shows that the average pledge is higher and because, well, this project is all about big, bold dreams. We want to make it clear to the landowner that the community is behind the project.”

So, please do continue to share the crowdfunder, speak to people about it and donate if you can: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/elwp

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