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TFL have announced they are planning on improving bus services on Lower Clapton Road.
They have been working on a proposal to make bus journey speeds in this area faster and more reliable, encouraging more people to use them. They also want to make more space for pedestrians and make it easier to cross the road. They are proposing to extend and connect the existing bus lanes on Lower Clapton Road increasing coverage by up to 50 per cent. 64m of this will be new bus lane going south (towards Homerton) and 330m of new bus lane going north (towards Lea Bridge Roundabout).

They say:

“We have opened a Have Your Say page on our website so that local people can see what we are planning and have a chance to ask a question or give their feedback. A letter will be delivered to 1,000 local residents and businesses this week. A map of the changes is also available on the website. People can email us at haveyoursay@tfl.gov.uk referencing Lower Clapton Road in the subject header, or write to us at FREEPOST TFL HAVE YOUR SAY by Wednesday 10 May.

“We pre-engaged with Hackney Council’s officers, Freight Associations and local businesses about these changes and a number of important considerations were highlighted. For example, more detailed contacts were provided by the Freight Associations so that we could get a better understanding of existing servicing arrangements along this route. Council officers also raised the issue of the effectiveness of the proposed southbound bus lane on the approach to Downs Road.
As a result that proposal has been removed as right turning vehicles could cause delays to vehicles unable to access the ahead lane due to the bus lane. No other major changes were made to the plans at this stage.

“We are proposing to install:
* 22m of new southbound bus lane just after the junction with Thistlewhaite Road to the Clapton Pond bus stop (E) which will be moved closer (17m) to the junction with Newick Road.
*38m of new southbound bus lane just after the junction with Glenarm Road/by the Round Chapel. The northbound Glenarm Road bus stop (Z) will be moved (48m) towards Clapton Passage. To accommodate the new bus stop, the loading bay/disabled parking bay opposite the Round Chapel will be entirely removed. The loading bay/disabled parking bay opposite Median Road is removed entirely to accommodate the new southbound bus lane above. (Total bay provision lost equals 28m)
* 95m of new northbound bus lane starting just after the exit to the petrol station and opposite the Clapton Girls Academy bus stop (M) until just after the junction with Rowhill Road.
* 71m of new northbound bus lane starting opposite the junction with Atherden Road.
* 164m of new northbound bus lane starting just after the junction with Downs Road until the start of the Lea Bridge roundabout. The loading bay/disabled parking bay opposite Newick Road will be removed entirely. (Total bay provision lost equals 22m)
* The phased crossing of Lower Clapton Road at the junction with Downs Road will be upgraded with pedestrian countdown timers.
* The footway will be widened at various locations to provide additional space for pedestrians and some low-level planting. As part of this the northbound loading bay just after the junction with Goulton Road will be removed. (Total bay provision lost equals 13m).

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